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The Artist

I create art to communicate my skill so that others can share in its appreciation and to create beauty that touches the heart and stirs the soul. Even in my youngest memories I always enjoyed artistic endeavors. As my craft has evolved and improved I've enjoyed the process of creating art even more.

I feel I have a talent for art that I just cannot neglect for it is a talent that supersedes and enhances all of my other abilities. I believe one of our responsibilities is to make manifest in the world our true potential. Exercising this talent to the best of my ability honors all who have made serious sacrifices on my behalf, such as my mother, so I could develop my mastery of the challenges that art provides in such plentitude.

My Process

My process is influenced by subject matter and medium. Taking an example from my current focus in oil landscape, my approach includes taking photographs and making small works on site for later reference. After working on a series for a while in my studio, the artistic focus often shifts to my imagination and internal vision rather than from these references. One painting evolves from an earlier piece in a process that is experimental and emergent in vision and in execution.

A strong interest in realistic and interpretive drawing informs my artistic vision. I sometimes juxtapose line, shape and form in the same piece, see the rocks in Reach to the Sea and Cubits of Resistence, creating tension between abstraction and the illusion of three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface.

My figurative work has evolved into abstraction. I construct narratives using a combination of painting and drawing styles. My color choices are not necessarily naturalistic. The juxtaposition of various techniques and the use of a variety of materials help me to express such themes as conflict, personal fulfillment and mystery. See The Perfect Storm.

Mural Commissions

Through a federal grant and my affiliation with the Museum School, I began painting murals in public spaces in the Boston area and I completed over 80 mural commissions nationally with sites that include Louis of Boston and Timberland in San Francisco.


School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. Diploma student. Studied with Henry Schwartz, Joseph Landry and David Kelly.

Emmanuel College, Boston, MA. Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts Major. Studied with Sister Vincent de Paul and Theresa Monaco.

Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA. Studied with Sue Miller, Joel Janowitz, Cynthia Packard, Jim Peters and Selina Trieff.

Other influential teachers included Robert Siegelman, Gemma Phillips and Teri Malo.

Professional work experience

Graphic Design has been another profession for me for many years. Since 1998 my focus has been Web Design with a specialty creating sites for artists, photographers and architects. View from a selected list below:

Jane Estella Found Object Sculpture
Barbara Fletcher, Paper Dimensions and Multimedia Work
Gail Jerauld Bos Paintings
Amanda Conklin Paintings
Paula Piraino Grimes Paintings
Artios Architects

Contact Ann

A sample of my fine art work can be found at You can contact me directly at Please visit my Web Design site,, for my web design portfolio and an overview of my background that includes sites for artists.